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Kivi-Pekka Rock Pickers

The Kivi-Pekka rock picker is designed to remove stones and other solid objects from all types of soil. It removes stones efficiently and clears new fields of tree roots and branches. 

Low tractor power requirement

80 hp and 5.3gal/min

Known around the world

Used in more than 50 countries

Large working width

7-meter working width collects 2,636 lbs/min

Removes rocks of all sizes

up to ∅ 20in

Save money, time, and energy

Stones are traditionally removed from fields by collecting them by hand. This is not only time-consuming but, at worst, puts people’s health at risk due to poor working postures. To make matters worse, the end result is never as good as that attained by mechanical removal. Thoroughly cleared fields yield a better harvest, preventing damage to other farming machinery and lower repair costs.

The Kivi-Pekka stone picker is more efficient solution than stone rakes and stone buriers. Kivi-Pekka’s performance is in a class of its own: the largest model is able to collect stones from an area 23 ft wide. The 9.5 ft tipping height allows the stones to be tipped even onto high dump trucks.


Your ideal solution for large areas. The Kivi-Pekka 6 has the efficiency and impressive working width that are suited for demanding jobs.

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